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The 5.1 Audio Toolkit DVD!
Recently nominated for the 2002 Technical Excellence & Creativity Award (TEC Award) in the category of "Outstanding Technical Achievement, Ancillary Equipment" by MIX Magazine. Read about it!
5.1 DVD Contains over 80 test signals, laid out in a logical progression for quick calibration and debugging of 5.1 channel systems with THX Surround EX.

  • What's In It !!
  • Midrange Pink Noise
  • Wideband Pink Noise
  • LF Pink Noise
  • Point Check Signals
  • Imaging Tests
  • 1/3 Octave Pink Noise
  • 1 Octave Pink Noise
  • 1/3 Octave Burst Headroom Test
  • Noise Leakage Tests
  • Sinewave Signals
  • Swept Sinewave Signals
  • 5.1 Channel Music
  • ... and "A Whole Lotta Bass"
  • "All the test signals I would ever want for 5.1 channel calibration" . .
    Anthony Grimani
    President, PMI Ltd.


    pdf Download documents in Adobe® PDF format.
    You will need a copy of the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view it.

    These files are supplied ZIPPED. Use any ZIP utility to extract the PDF file.

    5.1 Audio Tool Kit - Gold Line information. 1.7M zipped.
    5.1 Audio Tool Kit - PMI Ltd. information. 32K zipped.
    5.1 Audio Tool Kit - Test DVD Tutorial. 481K zipped.

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